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methods to loos 3 kg’s weight in 4 days?

      methods to loos 3 kg’s weight less then 4 days? (diet plan)

This diet plan can reduce 3 kg weight in 4 days, food will not have to be stopped


a diet plan that can help you lose up to 3 kg in 4 days. The best part 

of this is that for this you will not have to leave bread and 

vegetables. In this, you will have to eat most of the household food. 

Let's know about this plan. In this diet plan, the metabolisms rate is 

increased from the morning itself so that weight loss can be done 

quickly. So something has to be eaten in a while. Follow this diet for 

4 days.


1. Morning drink

For this, you have to take a toothpick. Soak the food in sandalwood 

oil, then dip the toothpick in 50ML water and drink the water. Water 

should be lukewarm. If someone eats medicine on an 

empty stomach, then eat the medicine first and then drink this water.


 bottle-weight-loss, weight-loss-diet-chart, weight-loss-chart



2. Fenugreek (diet plan for weight loss)


Now you have to eat 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds. Soak it in the 

night. Chew and throw water in the morning and eat. These 

fenugreeks seeds will have to be eaten before every mile, so if you 

want, then collect it collectively. Soaked in water removes its heat

 Fenugreek, weight-loss, weight-loss-diet-chart, weight-loss-chart


   Breakfast diet plan for weight loss

Ø Fruits

After this, you have to eat fruits. If your upper body is heavy or you 

have the same fat on the entire body, then you have to eat sugar 

fruits such as mango, banana, grape 100 grams. When the lower part 

is heavy, you have to eat pineapple and raw coconut.

fruit-basket-weight-loss, weight-loss-diet-chart, weight-loss-chart

 Ø Salad

Now you have to eat about 100 to 150 grams of salad. You can eat 

any kind of green salad in it. While eating cucumber, remove seeds 

from it. After 15 minutes of eating the salad, you have to eat a 

spoonful of fenugreek again and drink water.

salad-weight-loss, weight-loss-diet-chart, weight-loss-chart


Ø Two bread and vegetables

Now after 15 minutes you have to eat two slices of bread. This roti 

should be made of flour and bran flour. You have to keep the 

quantity of both equally. In vegetable, you can eat any vegetable 

except potato, guar bean and bean. One and a half teaspoon of ghee 

has to be applied on the bread. You have to drink green tea 15 

minutes after eating the slice of bread.

bread-weight-loss, weight-loss-diet-chart, weight-loss-chart


Ø Before lunch

You have to eat 100 grams of fruits again before lunch. You can take 

watermelon, melon, papaya or pomegranate in it. After 15 minutes 

you have to eat 100 grams of salad. After 10 minutes you will have 

to eat 1 teaspoon of fenugreek.


·     Lunch (diet plan for weight loss)

In lunch, you have to have a fibber rich food with a choker 

(vegetable curry) and flour and any vegetable that does not contain 



curry-weight-loss, weight-loss-diet-chart, weight-loss-chart




·     Before dinner diet plan for weight loss


You can take tea and puffed rice with it. 50 grams of peanuts can be 

taken. You can also eat 20 grams walnuts. Do not add sugar to tea. 

After this, you have to eat a spoonful of fenugreek again.


·     Dinner diet plan for weight loss

At dinner, you have to eat cooked lentils containing boiled sprouts 

or lentils and tempering. If you do not want to eat lentils for 4 days, 

you can eat 75 grams of tofu or cheese. Fry it in a little oil and add 

salt and pepper. You can add Shimla Remix to it. Do not put lemon 

in it. Now you have to drink green tea in the last.  


 curry-weight-loss, weight-loss-diet-chart, weight-loss-chart

So, what do you think will my diet plan for weight loss will help 

you like it did for others I am excited to now your comments.

Although there is no harm of these home remedies, but still

Everyone’s body type is different and maybe your body type 

is allergic to Something, so do not use any new household on your 

body type First. Take a patch test and see if possible, consult an 



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